Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sorry drawing

A representation of my idea to make 8x8 segments.  Each of these is to have an overhang, and will be connected together to make a 24 x 8 structure.  Actually, since the overhangs will become a part of the structure, you could add about six feet to the width of the structure, plus maybe six to the length giving a total size of 30x 14 feet.

I am thinking of adding a glass addition to the roof in order to cool down the roof in summer, and to evaporate water so that it can be cleaner.  I will possibly recycle the water in the swamp cooler.  I figure that the roof could evaporate as much water as I am going to use in a day.  That is, it could do that in the summer.  No net loss of water then for swamp cooling.

The overhangs may have aluminum foil reflecting the sun off in order to gain more cooling effect.  No sun should hit the main structure, and the sun that does will be reflected away, or used to evaporate water.

It will cost extra for the glass, but if it works the way I want it to, I won't have to use much electricity to keep the place cool in the summer months.

In the winter, the overhang to the north can be enclosed so as to act as a wind break from the north winds.  I'll have a way to keep the cold out a little better than without it.  As for the roof and the water, I can use that for passive heating, although that has proven to be something of a disappointment.  Better than nothing, I suppose.

This is a crude representation of my ideas, but I think it gets the ideas across.

Cabin 8x8 foot segment with overhangs, skip the overhang on the west side except for last segment

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