Monday, June 4, 2018


That is a term that I remember seeing several years back.  Forgot the definition, but you can get that from the name.

We are awash in Kultursmog.  An example of it was this supreme court decision that uses the word "gay" for homosexual.

Actually, you could also use the word "pervert", if you wanted to be 100% accurate about it.  Evidently, the Kultursmog has also corrupted the mental functioning at even the highest of the social strata.  The highest of the high-- the Supremes.  Well, if you ax me, they aren't necessarily the highest authority.  Ahem.

I remember when the word "gay" entered the lexicon.  This used to be an old fashioned way of saying "happy" or "carefree".  Of course, the Kultursmog had to go and mess up a perfectly fine word.  Nobody can use the word that way anymore.  The Kultursmog has dirtied up the language.

Why not clean up the language?  If you are conservative, then why give them that word?  Take back that word and refuse to use it in reference to homosexuals ( or perverts ).  Why accept Kultursmog?

But the Kultursmog infects everything.  AGW is an example of it, too.  It is fake science.  Kultursmog is into everything true by making everything fake.

Nothing is allowed to remain pure and clean.  It must be dirtied up by the Kultursmog.  We need the EPA to get on that Kultursmog and clean up our "environment".  Kultursmog is a hazard to our societal health.  We must eliminate it as soon as possible, like tobacco.  Maybe somebody ought to be sued over it, by golly.

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