Thursday, June 7, 2018

Preparing for the swamp cooler

The swamp cooler will evaporate a lot of water, so if one doesn't want to saturate the air with water vapor, there will have to be a lot of ventilation.  If the air is saturated, it will not evaporate further, and will not cool, you see.

With that in mind, a few modifications of the current setup is necessary.  The tentative location for the cooler is in the bedroom.  The bedroom is in the hottest part of the trailer for most of the day.  The idea is to ventilate air through the a/c, and out the ceiling thingie, which opens up through the ceiling.  Air will come in through the a/c in fan mode only, and hot air presumably will exit through the ceiling.

There is no fan installed on the ceiling thingie, so I made a stand for one.  The small fan is now operating on solar power with the a/c fan blowing.

Now for the cooler.  There is already a setup for using the ice chest to blow cold air through the heater core.  Instead of using that, the water hoses can be hooked up the swamp cooler.  The water could be made colder by using ice in the ice chest.  The swamp cooler will sit on top of the ice chest and blow air towards the sliding door.  The sliding door should stay open, as the water laden air will mix with air already in the trailer.  Doors and such can be open to further aid in ventilating the water laden air, so that there is no humidity buildup.

If everything works okay, then trailer should be significantly cooler throughout the day.

Now let the swamp cooler come, and this show can get on the road.

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