Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My summer vacation

There was a Cheech and Chong comedy skit, which started with "Chong" talking about his summer vacation.  It was a pretty dull routine that went like.. On the first day of summer, I got up.  On the second day of summer vacation, I got up...

Yeah, it is like that lately.  Uninspiring.

So, I'll describe what I did today...

I got up...


Okay, I did a little more than just get up.  But not by much.  One thing I spent some time on was to run down some genealogy ( boy that is a funny word to spell ).  Wishbone gave me a pic of an Injun chief, and told me it was a distant relative.

I couldn't connect the Chief with what I knew already, so he gave me a link to a detailed work that another distant relative did.  In fact, this distant relative made a book out of it.  However, the book is not available to non-family members.  I don't think I should link it up here, so I won't.

Anyway, with the help of his link, I did find the Chief.  He heap big Chief, kemosabe.  Make Senator Warner plenty jealous.  Bad medicine, kemosabe.

Actually, it was an interesting time going through that stuff.

Another thing I did was to sketch some drawings of my proposed cabin out west.  They are so bad, that I won't post them here out of embarrassment.  But at least I may have gotten the math right.

Next up, I did an experiment with my swamp cooler.  You know, the one that doesn't work worth a damn.  Yeah, I kinda figured out a way to evaluate how well one of these can work.  Just take their evaporation rate, and compare it to this gizmo.  This gizmo maybe used a half gallon of water in six hours.  Way less than the advertised rate of some that I was looking at.

Some of thee things use a lot of water, which I take to mean that they will cool things down pretty well.

Swamp coolers could be critical in getting the cabin to a livable state in the hot summers out there.  Air conditioning is going to be prohibitively expensive to operate.  I want to be able to avoid using one of these if at all possible.  One swamp cooler I saw uses 1.2 gals per hour, and uses only 40 watts or something like that.  However, it could be like this one.  It gives me an idea anyway.  Others will go up to several gals per hour.  Thirsty mothers.  That could raise another issue with water.  So, it is a balancing act.  One thing I know for certain, this one I have is just plain inadequate.

As for what else I did, I won't say.  For one thing, there isn't a need to know.  For another thing, maybe you don't want to know.

That is all..

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