Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kamala Harris' questioning Haspel

John McCain urges that Haspel not be confirmed.  He plays up to the likes of Kamala Harris.

Here is a partial transcript given on the use of waterboarding.  It is Kamala Harris and Haspel.

Harris' asks if it is immoral, and Haspel seems not to answer yes or no, as Harris wishes.

Now here is a question that follows Harris' line of thinking: is it immoral to kill an enemy?

Because if it is immoral to aggressively interrogate an enemy who wishes to kill you, then why is it moral to kill him?  Get what I mean?  These people wish to disarm you so that an enemy can kill you at will, and you are defenseless in the face of their aggression.

John McCain is one of these who do not wish to get their hands dirty because they wish to be above it all.  It is more important to defend the country than to maintain their own "morality".  Otherwise, why have a military at all?

John McCain's "morality" does not impress me at all.  As for Kamala Harris, she wishes to burnish her liberal credentials.  Anything the liberals touch turns to excrement, so that is what you vote for when you vote for her kind.

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