Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Iran Pseudo Treaty

Trump killed it, with good reason.  The purpose of going to the Senate for ratification was given in the Federalist Papers.  It is to help prevent "ruinous" treaties.  The Iran Pseudo Treaty could well have been that.

It is already ruinous because it quit on the sanctions regime that may well have worked if it continued.  It is already ruinous because it financed Iran with billions of dollars.   Iran has made no secret that it would like to destroy Israel if it could.  These crazy mullahs would likely use nuclear weapons if they got them, and handing over billions supercharged their efforts.

But the biggest reason to shit can this treaty was because it was an end around to the Constitution.  Kerry even admitted it.

Now if we could just shit can Mueller.

Update, 9:11 am same day:

More here.  Yep, the Constitution provision against ruinous treaties was overturned in the same spirit in which it was to protect.  And Majority Leader McConnell enabled it.

5:06 pm same day:

This has got to be pathological.  What I have read about this is that the Iranian Parliament never ratified it, and that's the same story here in America.  Besides that, nobody in Iran seems to have signed off on it at all.

So, what kind of deal is it that isn't agreed to by both parties?  It is a fiction.  The Iranians have gulled the United States and all of the Western Europeans into dropping the sanctions and giving them a hundred and fifty billion bucks.

 It is also questionable that they have kept the deal at all.  After all, if they could get all this from the West for basically nothing, they can't have much respect for us.  Yes, and that would make them right.

Until we get our own house in order, there is no reason why this country should be respected.

5:31 pm:

What I said at the time, which has a timeframe of about 11.19.15.  My post was a couple days after that.

Actually, the "Deadwoods" in the GOP had to have had something to do with this.

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