Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Cohen news

The left is hyping something, I suspect.  There is a story about Cohen receiving a bunch of cash after the election.  It was supposedly from some Russian oligarch.

Now, the question to me is this: how did Stormy Daniel's attorney get that information?

Was it a leak from the Cohen raid?  Or is it fake news?  If it is not fake news, then where did it come from?  How do you verify it?  What was the money for?

I suppose the whole point of the leak, should it be from a leak, is to carry out the trial in the media.

This is why the raid was questionable in the first place.

Did you ever notice how Democrats' secrets stay that way, and GOP secrets do not?  Obama's records stay sealed.  Slick Willie's medical records stay sealed, but George W. Bush's DUI doesn't.  Trump's sealed record didn't stay that way with respect to a certain court case.  The Democrats made a lot of hay on those disclosures, and tend to avoid a lot of bad publicity when their own records stay sealed.

If Obama was known to have claimed to have been a foreign student, how would that have affected the 2008 election?  If McCabe hadn't sat on the the emails turned over by Weiner's lawyer, how would that have affected Hillary's campaign? 

Such things is why the GOP is beyond hopeless.  This is a stupidity that is legendary in its foolishness, and self-defeatism.

If this was a legitimate counter intelligence operation, wouldn't they have wanted to remain secret until they were ready to indict?  Instead of that, this is plastered all over the news.  It is for the politics of it, they don't even need a conviction of anything wrong in order to get Trump out of office.

It may not be anything wrong with what Cohen did, even if he did it, you know.  But that is not the point.

Yep, it was the good 'ol GOP dopes who enabled all this.

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