Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Deliverence: "What law?"

There is a scene from the movie Deliverance, in which a sexual assault and, subsequent to that, a killing resulted.  It happens in an area being evacuated because a dam project, in which the area in which they are situated will be flooded.

The men involved, other than the one having fled the scene, who was involved in the sexual assault, discuss what to do about the dead man.  They decided to bury the dead man, and get out of the area.

Note that in the discussion, the man responsible for the killing ( played by Burt Reynolds ) does not want to go in front of a jury in that area.

Reynolds' character knows the law.  You get the trial in the district in which the alleged crime occurs.  This is in the US Constitution.  However, in his case, that would be a decided disadvantage, as this was a mountain man, and Reynolds' character was an outsider.

Okay, what's the point?  Something that I have been mentioning over and over again.  In Washington DC, no Republican is going to get a fair shake.  Likewise, no Democrat is going to be indicted.

An example of why this is true can be determined from the discussion in Rush's show today.  But Rush did not talk about that.  Too bad.

Mueller doesn't indict anyone.  He obtains an indictment by seating a Grand Jury, which hears the evidence that the prosecutor presents.  Mueller must convince the jury that probable cause exists to show that a crime occurred and who was responsible.  This Grand Jury must have been awful easy to convince, I'd say.  It seems to me that this jury is biased, and it was probably a bunch of Democrats in Washington DC, and they didn't need a whole lot of evidence to be persuaded that a crime occurred.

In other words, it is a political trial.  Rush's point is that they did not expect the Russians to show up for their trial.  Mueller's team asked for a delay, because the Russians' appearance was unexpected.

I criticized Mueller's team for being incompetent.  Actually, they are likely to be incompetent as well as corrupt.  Also, Mueller and this team is supposed to be all-stars.  Once again, it is all hype,  These guys were unprepared, and they had a case that wasn't a case.  They had to bail because they knew that they could not win, most likely.

Anyway, these sophisticated types in DC are really no better than the country hicks depicted here in the movie.

Of course, it would be nice if Rush could explain as well as I just have.

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