Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Rosenstein's instructions to Mueller were "secret"


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The judge would be doing us all a great service if he dismissed the case against Manafort.  The case has languished at the DOJ for a decade.  I suspect that there is little merit to the case in the first place.

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Asked by Judge Ellis as to their authority in creating a criminal case out of a intelligence investigation, the Mueller gang said it was a "secret".

Reminds me of the scene in the movie Animal House, where Dean Wormer puts the Delta House fraternity on "double secret probation".

So, is Rod Rosenstein acting out the part of Dean Wormer?  Is Mueller the Niedermeyer character, who Dean Wormer describes as a "sneaky little shit"?

Actually, Rod Rosenstein looks like the sneaky little shit, and Mueller looks like "Flounder".


Saw this on Free Republic.  Yeah, it might look like I got the idea for the post elsewhere, but I didn't.  Nobody got it from me either, too new.

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