Tuesday, May 8, 2018

This story follows a pattern

Just noticed the headline with respect to the kid who shot up the Florida school recently.

You may recall all of the push towards gun control after the event.  Sometimes, echoes of that continue to this day.

Anyway, what I noticed there is this pattern with respect to liberal initiatives.  Once they fail, it always leads to something worse.  You would expect the opposite.  Once a program fails, it should be discredited and ended.  But what we have here is that the liberals take their failed program and try to gain from it.

So, this Cruz kid was a part of a program in which he was able to escape the system that was designed to keep him from buying guns legally.  Subsequently, after the system failed to reform the guy, he buys a gun, and he kills a bunch of kids.  The liberals respond with a push for more gun control.  But what should have happened was that the program ended, and the law firmed up more so as to catch a problem like this before it had a chance to get a whole lot worse.

It looks like premeditated failure to me.  People are likely to try to forget the whole thing, but this needs to be scrutinized over and over again so as to inoculate the country from the depredations of the left towards the rest of society.  It is a warlike attitude that is at work here.  War needs to be countered aggressively.  It is not being done now, and these people have a lot more success than they should have.

Updated same day at 11:26:

You can also note the pattern in the Mueller investigation.  What looks like incompetence may actually end up being rewarded.  For example, with regard to the investigation, these people want Trump out of office.  Even if every single one of the charges fail, or are overturned, they would still be rewarded for their incompetence if Trump were to be actually forced out due to these proceedings.

That is why they must be stopped and then punished this time.  No more of this.

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