Thursday, April 26, 2018

What wrong with this?

A little snippet of what President Macron of France said about the Iran deal--- he said it was a treaty.

No.  It is not a treaty.  Under the US Constitution, the Senate approves a treaty if it votes 2/3 majority in favor of it.  The Iran deal was never submitted to the Senate for ratification as a treaty, which is what the Constitution requires.  It is most definitely NOT a treaty.

So, how does the President of France say that the US is flip-flopping on a treaty?  Either Macron is lying or he is misinformed.  Either way it is bad.  A president of a major country should not be that ignorant.  If he is lying, why is that being tolerated?

The same is true of the Mueller "investigation".  There is no adherence to law here, but there is the appearance of such.  Why?  In order to fool gullible people.  Is Macron gullible?  It does not reflect well on him, nor on much of this country that it gets this most basic fact wrong.

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