Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bill Kristol

This guy is said to be the leader of the Never-Trumpers.  After 15 months of Trump, and now knowing that Trump can govern as a conservative, why this continued opposition?  It never made sense, unless you realize that these guys are not about ideas.  The ideas that they claim to believe are just a front for what they are really about.  But what is that?  Lots of times I have seen that the motivation may be money. 

But money doesn't automatically get you elected.  If that were true, Jeb Bush would have won Florida's 2016 primary instead of Trump winning it.  Instead, Bush bombed out.  Money can't polish a turd.  No amount of money is going to change the facts on the ground.  Money doesn't vote, people do.

I read something about Kristol today.  He seems to think that once Trump is disposed of, things can get back to business as usual with these guys.  I have to wonder about that.  From my point of view, if the GOP stands by and lets Trump be removed on frivolous grounds, then they never recover from that.

Moreover, if they let Trump be hounded out of office by a completely unfair and fraudulent abuse of power, then they do not recover from that.  Their credibility is on the line here.  The GOP has run on a lot of ideas, and people have believed those ideas.  Nobody is going to believe that they can't get these ideas accomplished just because they don't like Trump.  Trump is not causing this failure.  These people who claim to be conservative, but aren't, are to blame.

Lots of talk out there about a "blue wave".  If this happens, it will be mostly because the GOP isn't giving anybody any reason to vote for them.  In fact, as I have written already, it looks like they are taking a dive.  People are seeing this, and they may be staying away for that reason.

It isn't Trump, it is these Bill Kristol types.

The thing to do is to vote for the GOP guys left, because these guys cannot credibly force Trump out of office.  Staying home only elect Democrats.

Most of the guys leaving are Never-Trumpers.  Let them leave.

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