Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Something just occurred to me...

That is to say, the reason for this entire Russian collusion garbage.  The idea here is to balance off Hillary's criminality with the same for Trump, so as to arrive at some sort of equivalence.

Hence, the fishing expedition --- aka Mueller investigation.

They absolutely must find something with which they can muddy the waters.  Even if Mueller doesn't find anything, the Clintonoids can say that this was a political witch hunt.  Precisely that, because that is what Trump is saying about the Mueller investigation.  However, the Mueller investigation is no witch hunt.  No, it is a fishing expedition.  If the fishing expedition returns nothing, they can still tarnish Trump's name.  Not to mention, that this continuing investigation of the Clintonoids can be ultimately dismissed as a political investigation.

In the liberal mind, everything is equal anyway.  There are no differences, only a matter of a point of view.

In other words, nobody is innocent, all are guilty.  So why judge Hillary?  This is how they intend to get off scot free, even if they are proven as guilty as sin, and they don't even have the slightest thing with which to accuse Trump.

If you think about it a little bit, you can note all the interrelationships here.  Comey has hired Patrick Fitzgerald, who was the same guy who prosecuted Scooter Libby.  Comey and Fitzgerald are good buddies.  Comey and Mueller are good buddies, too.  There are connections between these guys and Hillary, too.  Not only the Clintonoids, but the Bushes.

Makes you wonder if it is indeed a conspiracy of sorts.  Or a mafia type organization.  But that is what these people are saying about Trump.

In the end, it will be reduced to politics so that it can be trivialized.

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