Sunday, April 22, 2018

No More Messing Around - by Robert Ringer

No More Messing Around - by Robert Ringer: Expansion of the phony Russia-collusion investigation to include the Manafortization of Michael Cohen’s home and office is nothing short of a declaration of war.  Given that the DOJ/FBI police state has now become entrenched, it’s time for freedom advocates to be prepared to hang together or hang separately. I’ve always believed that God acts in …


Hmm.  A step in the right direction.  The step needs to be towards a full run, so to speak.

Writing about it may start the ball rolling, but stuff needs to be done, and soon.  Time is running out.


The sentiment for this "no more messing around" seems to be spreading.  Jeanine Pirro asks Devin Nunes why the nice guy routine?  But Nunes agrees, and that's why the pace is picking up a bit.  But it needs to pick up even more.  Here's the video.

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