Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Upgrading the blog

Originally posted 5.19.17,



In order to add content, I made a small change in the label attached to these posts called "Housekeeping the blog".  It has been changed to "Housekeeping".  The posts listed under that label have been retained, and new content can now be added.  The housekeeping will be general in nature, so that it won't necessarily be blog related.  This is so I can blog about stuff I do about the house.

It could include little things I do in order to save time and effort.  Lazy man ideas, so to speak.

The original post follows:

Did a bit of spring cleaning on this here blog.  Maybe it improves it, maybe it doesn't.

If you don't like it, you can get a refund.  Simply ask for one, and your money will be sent by check in the mail.


After reading a number of articles by Sharyl Attkisson , I note that she predicted months ago what I wrote earlier today.  She's way ahead.  What happened with the independent counsel was a result of energy, drive, and determination from the dems, which at this point has not been matched by the GOP.

A real disservice has occurred.  It is likely to get worse.  The people who support Trump are behind the curve, and have to catch up.

How to do that?

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