Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Lazy man cooking

Well, here's a post on housekeeping.  Guess what?  Not that much to post about, that's what.  I got one idea, and now this is it.  The next post may come in a couple months, maybe.

Okay, maybe not that long.

Here it goes.  In the last few months, I contrived a way to cook which uses a lot less propane.  I cook off the top instead of the oven.  I figure the oven uses too much propane.  This way uses very low heat in order to accomplish the same goal.

It works for me because I cook for myself.  If I had somebody else to cook for, maybe this wouldn't work as well.

Looks like this system will cook frozen meat and a frozen veggie side like this.  I put it in a pan, in the which the bottom is covered with aluminum foil.  This is so I won't have to wash the pan after cooking, you see.  I put a piece of foil on top, with another pan on top of it.  This will trap the heat, so that I get the most out of the heat that is being used to cook.  Cooks fairly fast, by the way.  Faster than you would think.

It is fairly healthy, too.  That is, if you want it to be.  I am using frozen broccoli and cauliflower.  The meat is ground pork.  I'll season it up once it is done.  Very simple, quick, and I don't have to wash the dishes.  The lazy man's way of cooking.

Do I get my good housekeeping seal of approval?  Yuk, yuk.

Oh, forgot to mention...  I use water instead of oil.  Fewer calories!

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