Sunday, June 4, 2017

Paris and Climate Change; A legend in their own minds

Borrowing a phrase from a Dirty Harry movie.

A most apt description of this treaty that isn't came from Betsy's Page.  Newmark said that it is a useful tool for progressives to bash their opponents.  Indeed.  It appears to be the only real use for the treaty.

No matter what GOP candidate won the Presidency in 2016 or beyond, he would have had to deal with the same situation as Trump did--- a really bad non-treaty that the progressives insist is binding.  If the GOP president said no, as Trump did, he would receive the same response that Trump is receiving.  On the other hand, if he gave in, the Dems would have gotten a victory that, in effect, would be unearned.  To put it another way, it was a huge bluff.

The bluffing didn't work on Bush, and now it hasn't worked on Trump.  But one of these days it might.  Each stood tall, like Dirty Harry.

The bluffing does work sometimes, though.  The special prosecutor was a similar bluff.  The GOP should never have allowed that.

Update (s)  6.4.17, 17:15 :  

Note how many times the Dems admit that there is no evidence of "collusion", whatever that means, and leaving door open that there might be.  Democrats are just totally fake right now.  The way to combat fakery is with unrelenting and unwavering truth.

Not with getting wobbly.

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