Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Looks as if I am too early to make the move

The thought of moving out west is just way too soon.  With the destruction of the shack, and such, much rethinking has had to occur.   I am leaning towards signing a new lease here.

Looks like I focused in on irrelevant subjects.  This move is going to require my concentrated attention over a long period of time.

In connection to the move, I will have to solve several problems.  One is the foundation problem.  I have been thinking that one over quite a bit.  Since I do not know much about it, I may need to consult with those who do.  One idea I had was to dig out a hole, fill in with some concrete.  Let it set, then pour a column of concrete that will be a pylon for the cabin to sit on.  Actually, four pylons, one for each corner.  I will run that by some folks who are more knowledgeable than myself, and see what they think.  Such a plan can be executed by one or two people, I would think.

Another problem is the septic tank system, which I would rather avoid.  I would rather install a composting system.  The book I am reading can help me with that project.  It looks like it is a good book with the information I need to at least make the proposition to the county health dude.  If I can get that permitted, I would like a system that would not be too hard to build myself, or to contract it out without it breaking the bank.

Of course, there is the water problem, which I have been thinking of constantly.  There are several posts here on that subject.

Since I am not very far along on any of these projects, I am a year away, most likely.  It looks like I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

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