Thursday, February 25, 2016

Obligatory, 2.25.16

Time marches on.  Here we are, in a New Year, and two months of it are gone already.  Woof.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I will not meet the deadline for getting out of here now.  I checked with the office and I can get a six month lease for slightly more money.  I may take that option.

Things are moving along, as the saying goes.  I am reading the book about sanitation, so I can put together a proposal for the sanitation regulator dude in Hudspeth county, Texas.  I would rather not use a typical water based septic tank, because I do not intend to use much water.  Water use will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The book has some systems listed, and what systems might be approved by the state.  Websites are given which can be checked out as to whether my state will approve one of these systems.  Not only is state approval necessary, but what is also necessary is that the system be affordable.   These systems can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  There are more affordable systems, but I do not know which, if any, are approved by this state.  Something I have to find out.

I am now in the part of the book about graywater.  There is two types of water, the number two water for number two, and number one water for number one.  You want to keep the urine away from the poo.  They should not mix in this type of system.  Actually, the urine can be useful for fertilizer.   But care has to be taken in this regard, and that is what the book is about.  Getting educated about this stuff.

Since I want to use composting toilets, there will not be much, if any, water that gets used in processing the number two.

Now, I will need a water source.  Sorry if all this seems repetitive.  I have to keep it in mind, or I will forget it.  If I keep it front row and center, I will not forget.  Hopefully.  There is not much time.

Work takes us a lot of my time.  Yesterday was a busy day.  Got home about 5:40 ish.

I am making more money, but I have much less time for these things.

If I am going to make praying a habit, then I pray that I can keep things together long enough to try these things.  It seems like I am going downhill physically.  This is what I mean by keeping things together.

Is that not a good reason not to go way out there?  I hear this a lot.  There are not many good options.  I got the land because it is cheap.  It is cheap for a reason.  It may not be an ideal location, and it may not work.  Or it may be too much of a challenge.  But I want to try it anyway.

I had an idea about foundations yesterday.  If I ran this by my bro, he might ask why do all that?  I am worried that the cabin might get moved by the wind.  I want to get that sucker anchored down good.

Some of this, I may be able to do on my own with some equipment that I can rent from Home Depot.  There is a single man augur machine that will allow you to dig a hole down a couple feet.  It would be an eight inch in diameter hole, and that hole can be filled in with concrete.  Actually, I wanted a bigger hole, but if I did it alone, this is achievable.  A bigger hole may not be achievable within the time limits.

That is one of the constraints that I have.  Everything has to be done within time constraints.  If it gets too ambitious, there will not be time to complete the project.  The reason the shack had to be abandoned is that I had to get back to town.  It may have been possible to anchor that thing down better, and close it up better so that the wind would not get to it, but time was getting short, and I needed to leave.  Now, the shack is ruined, and I have to start over.

The plan has to fit within the time constraints, and it has to be good enough to hold up until I can get back to it in order to continue the work.

Time constraints are the biggest issue at the moment.  Not enough time.

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