Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No deep thoughts, no revelations

Too tired for that.  Yesterday, I had a trip to the Big D.  It is a good paying gig, so I am happy to get it, but it wears you out.

I could swear that the little towns between here and there are just about dead.  Nothing much going on outside the cities.

Houston seems more vibrant than Dallas for some reason.  It may not be true, but this place seems more alive.

There are not many white people out there anymore.  Not even in Dallas.  This country is changing, alright.   The Democrats love it too.  Anything to make this country more socialistic, they are all for it.

The so called conservatives had better wake up that the country is gone.  This is not the same country it once was.

There is so little time that I do not have the time to check the news.  The Norks could have bombed us for all I know.  By the way, have you noticed what the Norks have been doing?  I think they are preparing for war against us.  We have become so weak that Micky Mouse countries like this can take us down, and probably will.  They will because this country will not wake the hell up.  But the country cannot wake up because it is mostly dead already.

Donald Trump wants to make America great again.  He may want to lower his sights.  Keeping the country alive and intact should be his goal.  This country is on the way out.  Not too many people seem to grasp that, but I think I am starting to.

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