Sunday, April 29, 2018

Obligatory, 4.29.18

As I have written before, I will stop posting about politics.  Just for anybody's information, just in case anybody is wondering why, I am going to write the reason why I am stopping.

Actually, I have already done that, so this is a little more on the reason.  As I wrote before, I think that this country is lost.  Whether or not it can be restored is another matter, but one thing that I have decided upon is that it is lost.

You have a double standard here with the Russian collusion investigation, and the appointment of Robert Mueller.  No crime has ever been established.  Now here is the fundamental reason the country is lost.  Such an investigation is illegal.  It is not in the spirit of the law that is established for all Americans, not just one class of favored Americans.  Just because a good number of people in the government do not like Mr. Trump, it does not mean that the laws are suspended just because of him.

We cannot have a government like this, and continue to call our government a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It is no longer the Republic that is governed by the rule of law.  It is a governed by a group of people who seem to think that there is one law for the favored, and another law for everybody else.

You do not allow "fishing expeditions", in which a crime is not stated, but a criminal is decided upon first.  After having decided that a person is criminal, without any evidence of a crime, is a practice of totalitarian regimes.  A person is not supposed to be required to prove their innocence of a pretended crime.  Call it what you will, "collusion" is not a crime.  It is either treason, or bribery, as it cannot be collusion because collusion is not a crime.

The only valid reason for Mueller to be hired is to prosecute the crimes for which this president can be removed.  Those are stated in the Constitution--- treason, bribery, or "high crimes and misdemeanors."  The latter is a bit vague, but still, you have to have an actual crime or violation of law, which has not been established first.

For it to be treason, an overt act has to be committed.  There has to be witnesses to that fact.  Since they won't name the crime as treason, and since there are no witnesses to that effect, then treason cannot charged.  As for bribery, a quid pro quo has to be established.  Simply getting elected is not quid pro quo.  It is hard to see how bribery can charged either.

This is a political investigation, therefore.  So, is one's politics a matter for criminal prosecution these days?  Evidently so.  Even the GOP is playing along with this.  By doing so, they are allowing themselves to relegated to second class status.  This is hard to fathom, since at the moment at least, the GOP is in the majority.  I strongly suspect fraud.

Personally, I don't think the investigation is a valid scenario.  The country is being played here, and as for me, I am calling BS on it.  I do not consider myself to be second class, and I will not be a part of a group that has to establish its innocence before it is allowed to peaceably go about its business.

If the GOP continues to allow this, I will boycott the election, too.


Mueller was named SC after the firing of Comey.  If firing Comey is obstruction of justice, then how can Rosenstein name an SC after he recommended the firing of Comey?  Rosenstein should recuse himself for that reason alone.  Sessions doesn't have to recuse himself for the naming of Mueller as SC by Rosenstein.

In other words, Sessions should have had the call on obstruction of justice.  If not that, then somebody else heads the investigation.  That would be new FBI director Wray, if Comey was heading it before.

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