Thursday, May 3, 2018

Culinary type post

Fancy word for cooking, that is.

Been experimenting with my cooking lately.  Yesterday, I boiled an egg in water.  So what?  Well, the egg was cracked and out of the shell.  It was boiled in water, which is no calories.  The problem with this cooking technique was that the egg stuck on the aluminum foil.  So, I got some Pam, and sprayed it on the aluminum this morning.  Yep.  It worked good.  How was the boiled eggs?  Well, they tasted like, ahem, boiled eggs.

I don't know if that counts as a success.  What was the objective?  To cook without oil, and to use as little energy as possible.  This latter part was achieved by cooking on the lowest possible setting on the propane stove.  A small amount of water did reach boiling point, provided that, you cover the top with foil as well.  This traps all the heat, and allows boiling point to be reached.

The eggs were on for about twenty minutes.  They were fully cooked.

Eggs like this are pretty bland.  How do you fix them up to taste better?  I like cheese on my eggs, so the next time, I will add sharp cheddar to it.

Add some bacon bits, and maybe some tomato, and that's good eating.   At least it is by my standards.

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