Monday, February 5, 2018

Dems response to Nunes' memo

Update: 2.5.18:

After reading the statement of offense regarding Papadopoulos' false statements charge, it doesn't appear to be significant in terms of what it means with regard to any case against Trump.

Much is made of the emails, but there is no specification of what was in the emails nor their source. Only that it was "dirt" on Clinton. This appears to be no better than hearsay, as Papadopoulos would not have had any first hand knowledge of what the emails were about.

Since Clinton was being investigated herself on her emails, it just as well could have been those.

The statements that Papadopoulos were made that got him into trouble were regarding times certain events took place. There does not appear to be any evidence of any grievous harm that his conversations were doing.

If Papadopoulos is guilty of anything, it is probably incompetence. He is more an embarrassment than a threat to national security.


The original post of 2.4.18 follows:

The source document is here.  It looks like they want to go back over the email hacking that they claimed Russia did.   This has been debunked by the experts.  The whole case is all about Papadopoulos and Carter Page, which amounts to goose egg.  Carter Page is just a prop for their narrative.  The Dems only went after Page because of his connections to the Trump campaign, as with Papadopoulos.   There is nothing that shows probable cause that Page was a foreign agent, or wouldn't he have been charged?  They've been tracking him for years.  Why haven't they found anything by this time?

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