Saturday, February 10, 2018

Something is definitely rotten in Denmark

Why this is a big deal, as it now gets into other departments of the government.  This could end up involving the Judiciary.  I thought as much in an earlier post.

A money quote here from the NRO article, upon which this assertion is based:

...there is abundant reason why a judge should explain his or her rationale for granting the warrant..

It should be noted here, as it might be forgotten, that the surveillance on Page was renewed until June of 2017.  The independent counsel, Mueller was hired just previously, in May.  Could it be that they needed an independent counsel because the surveillance was going nowhere?  Also, Rosenstein recommended that Trump fire Comey, as you may recall.  Rosenstein signed off one at least one of the 90 day surveillance periods.  Now, where's Rosenstein on this?  Did he set up Trump so that he could name an independent counsel?

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