Thursday, January 11, 2018

Feel kinda restricted

Originally posted 1.9.18

Updated 1.11.18:

After a lot of thought, I decided to stay on course for now.  Nothing really has changed except for one thing:  this is only to be continued with the idea that it is only to be a place to stay if I need to go somewhere, and don't have nowhere else to go.  For me, that is always in the back of my mind.

I know it is not a good choice, if it should come to that.  What I am doing now is to prepare in case I have to use it.  That is so that if I have to go out there, or feel that I have to go out there, then I can go and it would have a chance to work.  This means that the experiments in off-the-grid living are to continue for the time being.

Even this much is likely to draw some "why don't you's" from the relatives.  Well, we'll cross that bridge when and if we get to it.

The original post follows:

This financial situation I am in limits what I can do.  Also, if I want to save bucks, I have to do things myself.  Trouble is, my skill level is not that good.  Finally, my health is dicey.

Anyway, the idea popped in my head to borrow money and just go do what I want.  The fact of the matter is that I still have good credit.  Getting the money to put a cabin on the property is not a deal breaker.  But the amount of debt that would be incurred makes me wonder how it would all be paid back.

The idea was to build a cabin and sell off half of the property with the cabin on it.  If there was sufficient profit, it could pay off some bills, and I could keep the other half of the 40 acres, leaving me 20.

The trouble with this idea is the risk.  The obvious risk is what if there are no buyers?  Or if there was a buyer, what if there was no profit?

That puts me back in the straightjacket.  Can't do anything.

Not to mention that I don't really like to do Uber.  Yeah, I realized that today.  Every time I go into town to work, I come back before I accomplish much.  Just don't like what I am doing for bucks.  It is okay since I don't need much.  Not sure I could make much like this anyway.  It is really more trouble than what it is worth, if the truth be told.  Plus I want to stretch out, so to speak, but cannot.  I am hemmed in by worries and restrictions of one kind or another.

Let's say I am tempted to give up on the project and move on.  I could write off the property as a loss and get rid of one of these vehicles.  My life would be simplified, that is for sure.

It is a tough position to be in.  My history with stock trading has been that I really hate taking losses.  However, I have decided to do that a few times when it became obvious that I was holding a loser.

This could work, though.  It is not clear that it is a loser.  How do you know when to quit?

I gotta get an answer to that one.

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