Sunday, January 7, 2018

Can anybody play this game?

originally posted 4.18.17,

updated on 1.7.18:

Here we go again.  I see that there are some Dems who want to physically restrain the president, and then have him mentally evaluated.

Am I missing something?  Even if they did this, and even if it succeeded, they still have to get the GOP onboard.  That is cuz you need 2/3rds of both Houses to remove the president.

So, why would you think that a kangaroo court of experts can get a president removed from office?

The president is due his rights like anybody else.  You cannot just force your way in and do something like this.  They wouldn't even do this to a terrorist who killed dozens of people.  Why would you do this to the president?

These people are the ones who are nuts.  THEY NEED TO BE TREATED THIS WAY.  Then watch them howl in protest about their rights.

What a bunch of assholes.


The write up referenced here does not include a mention of Congress, which always has the last say on the presidency.

If the cabinet tries to remove him, he can just say "nope", all "is a-ok".  If Congress votes 2/3rds in both houses to remove him, then he is a goner.  Otherwise, it is going nowhere.  This is a tougher standard than impeachment, which only requires a majority in the House, and then a 2/3rds vote in the Senate.

More fake news?  Maybe.  What else can it be?

With around a 90 percent approval rate amongst Republicans, how can you get him removed?


the original post follows:

That was quote from Casey Stengel, I believe.  He said it of his expansion team, the New York Mets, which was at that time, the worst team in baseball.

I used that quote in reference to the ruling class, who seem to not be able to read the Constitution, and understand basic straightforward language.

The Democrats want to keep saying that Trump is crazy, and therefore can be removed from office according to the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution.  The amendment is pretty straightforward.  It provides the means by which a president can be removed from office if a disability truly exists.  It is not sufficient to say that it can be used just because you don't like him.  However, if two thirds of both Houses say that he's nuts, then he can be removed.

There ought to be a means by which to remove a Congresscritter, who insists that this amendment says what it does not.  But there is a means.  The Congress polices itself.  So, why don't the Republicans tell the Democrats to STFU?

You have to wonder about that.


Even though the Gop doesn't act like a party, they still beat the Dems, who do.  Make what you will out of that one.

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