Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Piddling around

Originally posted on 8.13.17, updated on,

Today, I worked on my "climate control device".  That is to say, my "coffin", or to put it yet another way, my hidey hole.

No, I didn't make it small.  Yes, I am thinking of doing that.  Really small. Like 72 cubic feet.  Do you realize the opportunity here?  Well, look at this from the BTU calculator.

So, worst case scenario is only 516 watts per hour.  Best case scenario is only 147 watts.  Alright.  That the ticket.

Now, to get my lazy butt actually working on it.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up the Coleman cooler, and cut away some unnecessary hosing.   All in a day's work.

By the way, I may be able to upgrade the system with the batteries I have.  Some ideas include using the existing battery outside, and putting in a cut out switch.  A cut out switch will allow the solar panel to charge it during the daytime, and the grid to recharge it at night.  Also, I have a battery that can run a 12 volt fan.  I would have to purchase that.

Now I can waste time and money on something else...  Just kidding.

the original post follows:

My van has an issue that I tried to address today.  Actually, there are several issues, but this one needed attention.

The problem was with a terminal connector on the battery.  It didn't tighten up like it should, and the reason why was that the thing was using a connector intended for the positive terminal, but was on the negative terminal.  The negative terminal is smaller, and I didn't know that.  How many people know that?  Evidently, whoever put this terminal connector on didn't know that.  It was somewhat loose because it was as tight as it could get.  The thing could tighten no further.  It wasn't designed for negative terminals.

It had to be replaced.  So, I bought a universal connector.  It tightens alright, but the thing is too dang complex to put together.  I did get it together after a lot of cussing.  I think the van is okay, but it isn't an ideal fix.  We'll see.

Besides that, I am still fooling around with my solar panel.  I am considering another battery for it,  because it is putting out enough juice to charge more than one battery.  Since money is tight these days, I have to consider things carefully when I am considering a purchase.

My little hidey hole, which is my bedroom, needs better insulation.  That's another little piddling project I have been working on.  My hidey hole is quite comfortable on a hot day.  Everybody around here may wonder if I am ever coming out of my hidey hole.  It is very nice in here.  It is too hot out there.

So, the hidey hole gets a lot of attention.  It isn't perfect, but it is getting better.  It can be improved even more so that I can make a true "coffin" arrangement, that will minimize energy use.  If I were to make a "coffin", it would be about two feet tall, by six feet long, and three feet wide.  That is 36 cubic feet.  About one tenth of the current cubic feet of the hidey hole.

The Butt head calculator says I need about 562 watts for my hidey hole, which I think is a low ball number.  It is low ball if my insulation is "normal".  Nearly 1200 if it is poor.  It may be poor, but I think that it cannot be made much better, although I will try.  At peak hour yesterday, I think this a/c was pulling about that much.

The coffin arrangement can improve that to only 332 watts.  Personally, I do not think that it would take that much.  My frozen ice thingy works better than that, I would guesstimate.

I'm sure everyone thinks I am going Howard Hughes with all this reclusiveness and everything.  But I like to piddle around with this stuff and my hidey hole is doing aok.

In case you were wondering, the hidey hole does not work for nuclear fallout.   If that happens, I am sol.


Because of CRS, I thought I would make a note of something today.  Seems like it is about 7 pm when the solar panel cannot run devices and keep charging the battery at the same time.  That is almost eight hours that it can do this.  It is not an exact number, so don't quote me on it.  If I didn't make a note of it, it would turn into something else.

Also, a crazy notion is going through my head. I may want to make a "coffin" after all.  But all this costs money, and I don't have it.  That's why it is crazy.

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