Sunday, March 12, 2017

Insomnia post

Howdy, ya'll.  Some folks notice things better than others.  Wishbone once said I wasn't a "good noticer".  We'll you know what?  He's right.  There are things that I haven't noticed as well as I should, and it comes back to bite me sometimes.

Rather than tell a bunch of stories about why this is so, I'll save your time.  Trust me on this:  I'm notorious for not noticing things that I probably should.  Sometimes, it just may take a 2x4 whack across the head in order to get my attention.  Know what I mean, Vern?

One thing I hadn't noticed that is biting me hard in the posterior just now is this infection I got.  I sure hope that I haven't screwed up really bad by not noticing it sooner.  Just saying, in order to keep the yuk factor in check, that I haven't been keeping up with the basic hygiene the way I should.  There are some mitigating factors, but those mitigating factors are also the reason for more caution.  Hopefully I snapped to this in time so that it won't continue to be a problem.

It is related to my move out here, and my experimentation in keeping water usage down.  When you have access to plenty of clean water, your hygiene is a lot easier to take care of.  One of the downsides of using less water is the possibility of having something like this rear its ugly head.

It's not that bad.  But it could be.  That is why I need to notice this stuff.

By the way, my treatment won't be without risk.  I was warned to be on the lookout for certain things.  It is not my habit to do that, you see.  I had better make it a habit.


Ah, the infirmities of old age.  I am probably older than my years, as far as my body is concerned.  My spirit is a different thing.  I am still a kid at heart.  Well, never mind.

I started to update this post, but then nature called, and afterwards, I nearly forgot my computer was waiting for me.  I tell you, you forget things you should not forget, and most everything doesn't work right any more.

So, I forgot what I wanted to write and wrote this instead.  Getting old is a bitch.  That's in case you didn't already know.

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