Saturday, December 31, 2016

This time last year

Actually, I started to do a year in review type post, but it looks too complex.  I looked at posts from the first week of Jan, and that will be a review of sorts.

One thing I was doing was New Year's resolutions.  One resolution was to promote the blog.  That one didn't get kept.  Another was to take care of my health better.  This one was kept for almost the whole year.  However, at the end, I seemed to have reverted to some old ways.  For instance, I had lost at one time, nearly 33 lbs.  Now I have gained about five pounds of it back.

This past year was the lightest blogging since I blogged full time.  Less than a thousand posts this past year.  At the peak in 2011, I did 2500.

Audience numbers are up, but I am skeptical of that.  This is still pretty much an obscure little outpost on the web.

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