Monday, September 26, 2016

On eve of debate

Probably won't be watching it because there's no TV around here.

Many people decide how to vote based on these debates.

Generally, I don't put much stock into them, anyway.  By the time the debates get going, I have already made up my mind.

Okay, some general notes then on this campaign.

  • There's a tendency to think collectively as opposed to individually.  If someone calls you a racist, the answer is: I never hurt anybody.  To that, someone may try to lump you with all other of your type.  If white, and who calls non-whites racist? -- they'll try to lump you with the KKK or something like that.  Whatever some non-white person's grievance is, it isn't my fault.
  • Likewise, the alleged insults.  If you say something against an individual, it doesn't implicate the whole group of like individuals.  So, if Trump insults Rosie O'Donnell, it is only Rosie, not all women.  If he criticizes a Latino judge, it isn't against all Latinos, and so forth.
  • Will Hillary get some help from the "moderator"?  Calling Candy Crowley.
  • Reagan asked if you ( meaning an individual ) felt any better off than you did four years ago.  He didn't ask if everybody felt better off.  How can a question to a collective be answered, anyway?  No, stick with the Gipper example.
Frankly, I'd rather watch Football.  But the NFL is getting ruined by all of these high priced and spoiled athletes who claim "oppression" even though they are millionaires.

Maybe this debate will make a difference.  In that case, the go Trump!

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