Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Radiative cooling

One of my goals out west is to be able to trim my energy usage down to a bare minimum.  Also, to recycle as much water as I can.

This post describes the use of the principle of radiative cooling in order to climate control a building and thus use the least amount of energy.

I have a hunch that this principle could work in a concept known as an air well.  It condense water passively.  Out there, especially during the summer months, it can get fairly humid.  I figured that dehumidifiers can collect water, but what if you could do it without electricity?  That would be, pardon the pun, "cool".


Did a little more googling, and found this post on photonic crystals.  The post says that the surface temperature can be reduced by 30 degrees.  Very interesting.  That means on a 100 degree day, this thing can bring the surface temp down to a comfortable 70 degrees.

Bring it on.


Nature paper here.  Not as dramatic as above, but useful nonetheless if it were to be available for purchase.  No word on that.


More info here.

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