Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to lose an argument you should win

The conservatives seem  to be about principles.  They are really proud of their principles.  So, they say it is wrong to advocate violence in order to remove hecklers from a political rally because their principles just won't allow them to stoop to such oafish behavior.

But I don't agree.  If somebody is forcefully taking away my rights, then I feel that one must respond to that in a likewise manner.  A heckler isn't there to listen politely, and ask questions in a civil way---no they are there in order to disrupt the proceedings.  By doing so, they are depriving those in attendance from exercising their rights to participate in the process.

If you don't treat the hecklers forcefully, then why will they leave?  The answer is that they won't.  Force is necessary.  Therefore, to complain about the use of force is rather hollow.  Are we expected to believe that the conservatives will do nothing to stop them if the hecklers decide to come to their rallies?  None are said to have done it, but wait,  I think they have at some point.  Did they just sit around and let them disrupt their rallies?  They wouldn't allow it if it became a problem because then their supporters would lose confidence in them.  For instance, if they won't provide security for their own rallies, then what will they do when they have the reins of government?  In order to maintain credibility, they have to have security at their rallies.  No way they let hecklers disrupt their meetings whenever they want.

So they say some rather meaningless words about how it is wrong to shut down a Trump rally.  Does not a heckler do the same thing ( shut down a rally ) in principle?  The conservatives don't like Trump, so they just wink at the hecklers.  As long as the hecklers don't come after them, that is.

In other words, they don't care about it in principle because it doesn't affect them.  At least not yet.  But if they can shut down a Trump rally, then why can't they shut down a Cruz rally?  Just because Cruz is "nicer", they won't come after him?  Do you really believe that?

The conservatives expose their alleged high mindedness as nothing but hypocrisy.  If they cared that much about everybody's rights, they would condemn the hecklers and defend Trump.  Instead they join the hecklers until they have to say something in order maintain credibility, but now it is too late.  Their credibility is shot.

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