Saturday, March 19, 2016

Obligatory, 3.19.16

Whatever the reason, this new computer doesn't want to work well with touch typing.  I'm not sure if it is my thumb touching the mouse pad or what it is, but the cursor jumps around, and then I'm typing on a different line than what I thought I was.  Very annoying.

Getting a new computer didn't help my output much, did it?  Must be blogger burnout.  Really, there are times when I don't know what to write about.

After writing about a Braveheart scene, I watched the movie again.  Must have watched this movie a hundred times.

Did you ever watch a movie and think up how it all could have gone differently?  Almost like doing an alternative history speculation.  For example, what if the Sir William character decided to go north to the Highlands instead of going south to sack York.  Then he wouldn't have met the future queen and got himself a new girlfriend and some royal "bass".  Longshanks may not have pursued him all the way north, and his noble antagonists wouldn't have conspired with Longshanks to capture him so that he could be executed.  None of that would have happened and it would have been a different story.  Probably a real suck fest of a movie too.

Another thing that I did in the wasting time category was to watch a lot of videos.  Every now and then, I manage to run into the "mojo" site that does top 10 lists.  This one that I watched was about annoying songs.  Three of the modern stars I recognized, but most of them I didn't.  One thing that I was able to confirm.  I recall some young star that I saw while waiting for air freight at the airport about a year ago.  She is Meghan Trainor.  Never heard of her before that air freight waiting area's television had her on one of the morning shows that they have these days.  She sang "Lips are moving" which seemed like a catchy little tune.  But this song didn't make the annoying list.  She seemed to use in that song the word "bass" in a way that puzzled me, but this other song confirmed my suspicion.  The other song that made the annoying list was called "All about the Bass".  My suspicion was that "Bass" meant something that rhymes with it.  Hint: not music but the fish. The annoying song confirmed that.

There you are.  A few hundred words about nothing, which is why I call it a Seinfeld post.

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