Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Primary discussion

Unless I am mistaken, Cruz didn't win a single state yesterday.  That shows considerable weakness, I'd say. 

Even Kasich, who was presumed politically dead, managed to win at least one.

I'd say Cruz is in a bit of trouble politically.  There may be a stubborn refusal to see the facts, though.  If you are conservative, and you can't win Southern states, then there's a problem.

Cruz already has a problem in the other states outside the red states.  I say he is unelectable, and I've been saying it all along.

If Cruz got out right now, he could stop the Establishment from stealing the nomination away.  I think that is the Establishment's plan.  That is to say, deny Trump or Cruz the nomination, and anything can and will happen.

George Soros donated to the Kasich campaign.  Kind of fits in with the theory, don't you think?

Between Cruz and Trump, the overwhelming verdict is against the Establishment, but they could still steal this thing.  That's what the Establishment is counting on.  No way that you people should let this happen, but I fear that the threat is real, and it just might happen.

Oh well.  They don't call it the Stupid Party for nothing.


Yep, it is definitely possible to steal it away.  I counted the delegates of the top four, and they have more than Trump.  That means it would take fewer delegates to deny him the nomination than it would for Trump to secure it.

Dick Morris says that Kasich and Cruz should team up.   However, if they did, that would destroy Cruz.  You know what? --- they could do it informally.  No formal deal.  No discussion.  Just try it and see if the other guy responds.

On the other hand, the idea that I had presupposes that Cruz and Trump are compatible with each other in many respects, as Dick Morris mentions.  The two of them teaming up could freeze out the Establishment.  Continuing to try to win the nomination in a mano y mano contest would have to include Kasich for at least a little while longer, and Cruz doesn't have the time.  Even if  started now, he would have a tough time getting a majority.

My idea also presupposes that the Establishment would try to lock them both out of the nomination.  Now that outcome would be ridiculous.  The anti Establishment votes vastly outnumber the Establishment.  For them to steal it away would be unforgivable on many levels.


I've read Rush's take and Dick Morris' take.  Neither suggested that Cruz should get out like I did.  Morris' says it is all up to Kasich, and that Kasich wins it for Trump.   That makes me wrong then, because I think that Kasich spoils it for both.  We'll see.

Rush thinks a little along my line, but he'll never suggest that Cruz should drop out.

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