Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's kind of sad arguing with a guy you used to trust

Perhaps there's something about Trump that rubs conservatives the wrong way.  Funny that it doesn't affect me that way.  I figure I am as conservative as many of them, maybe most of them.

Yeah, maybe Dick Morris is right about something, that this election shapes up as a major realigning election.

But it may not work out that way if Trump gets the nomination and loses.  What I suspect is that these guys are implicitly saying that Trump can win, but that they intend to stop him from doing that if they can.  They will stop him even if it means that Hillary will be the next president.  In such a scenario as that, then they figure that they will preserve the party.  They simply cannot have Trump as the head of the party.  They'd rather see Hillary in the Oval office than allow that.

So, if they get their way, the Dems win and so they "win".  I don't get that.

William Buckley said to vote for the most conservative one who can win.  Their arguments doesn't flow along the lines of who can win, but whether or not they are in agreement with him.  If they don't agree with him, then don't follow Buckley's advice, I guess.

But I can understand a person's dislike.  I dislike most of the GOP field anyway.  Only two were really acceptable to me.  Both of them are still there!  Only Kasich remains as one I don't like.  Cruz is marginally acceptable.  He worries me as  an accommodationalist.

I guess what separates me from the rest of the so called conservatives is that I prefer a man of action.  The so called conservatives are men of words, not deeds.  If I can get half a loaf, I'll take it.  These guys want the whole loaf, or they will throw it in the trash.  I don't get that.

Don't argue with me about principles.  If you believed in them, you would be with the Dems in the streets fighting Trump.   If you don't have a black eye and a bloody nose defending your sacred principles, then you don't have any in the first place.

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