Saturday, February 6, 2016

An idea with problems, but it just might be worth thinking about.

Today was the kind of day where I was thinking and thinking hard.

It is about a final plan to make the move.  I've been back and forth on it, it seems.  I talked to somebody about renting out a space in El Paso, but the conversation was not favorable to my proposition.  Naturally, I would expect some hesitation, and also with this next idea.

The thought was if a storage location is 24 hour, how do they know when you are there, and what you are doing there if they are gone?  See what I mean?  If they knew you were sleeping in one of their storage locations, they'd probably object.  But then, maybe they aren't that interested in finding out what you're doing as long as you are quiet about it.

I don't want to sneak around, but maybe that is the only way right now.  And maybe the only way to go forward.

Naturally, you cannot expect the comforts of home.  It would be a Spartan existence, to say the least.  Some may say "crazy".  They may be right.

Basically, I would live out of the vehicles.  They would be parked in one big, covered spot.  There looks to be enough room to put a few other things as well, but I plan on removing them piece by piece over time.

No electricity, no water.  It probably has some lighting.  I figure I can handle no water.  But no heating without electricity.  No a/c without electricity either.  That would be the biggest problem.

Something to puzzle over for awhile longer.  It may not be a practical idea.  But it seems to have most of what I need.  Sufficient space, 24 hour access.  The rest may be dicey, though.

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