Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The intro sounds pretty cool, with that bass, and then the guitar coming in.  I'd love to be able to play it.  Of course, that was a long time ago.  I used to play around with a guitar all the time.  Not that I learned anything with it, mind you.

I was watching the Goodfella's video when this song started up in the background.  Henry Hill, the gangster in the story, is now dead, or so I understand.   All of those hoodlums are now dead, most likely.   What seems important at the time eventually doesn't mean a thing.  What they did at that time in their lives seemed important to them, but what does it mean now?  That's what I was thinking...  If your life could mean anything, what would you make it?  Just to live like a king for awhile?  At what cost?

Then I think about this song Jump Into The Fire.
  You can climb a mountain,
   you can swim the sea,
   You can jump into the fire,
   But you'll never be free.

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