Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dick Morris' podcasts

Whether or not you agree with Morris, politics is his profession.  So, it is a good idea to listen to what he has to say.

His podcasts give a thorough analysis of what is going on in the races, and it is profitable to listen to them if you have the time.

Who does Morris like?  On the GOP side, he doesn't say a whole lot of bad stuff about Cruz.  Frankly, I find it a bit hard to believe he could actually like Cruz, because I figured Morris to be quite moderate.  Cruz has the rep for not being all that moderate, you see.  I want to be careful though.  Morris isn't explicitly for anybody, so what I'm saying here is like reading between the lines.  There's nothing explicit about Cruz.  Just that Cruz doesn't seem to have problems that the others seem to have.  Rubio has them.  If you listen, you may hear something new that you didn't hear before.  Trump has a problem, but Morris doesn't have a feel for what it is just yet.

On the Democrat side, Hillary has got big problems.  But she may win anyway.

He doesn't say a whole lot bad about Sanders, but that doesn't necessary mean he thinks Sanders will win.

It is a shame about Trump.  I get the impression that he just doesn't want it very badly.  You really have to want to be president.  You have to have a reason for being president.  It's not to bask in the glory of it, but something bigger than self.

Trump is starting to be a disappointment.  If he doesn't turn things around, he is going down.  That's not from Morris.  That's from me.

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