Friday, August 14, 2015

Quick thought, 8/14/15

Considering what Barnhardt said about politicians generally being unworthy characters, is it possible then, for people to be self-governing?  That is to say, are humans so depraved that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves?

The United States was something new at the time of its creation.  Most of the world was ruled by Kings and despots of one kind or another.  A government like the one that was created in 1776, was an unusual thing in the world.  Maybe the Swiss had a democracy, but not many others were around at that time.

The Constitution was written in order to restrain governments and politicians.  If this weren't so, then why the checks and balances?  If the Constitution is inadequate to deal with the natural tendencies of humans to self-destruct, then what can replace it?  Anything?

With respect to the nature of Man, my take is that we are obliged to make it work, and if it doesn't, then we go extinct ( for you atheists), or there will be a Second Coming ( for you apocalyptic types ).

If there is to be a Second Coming, you won't know when that will be.  Then you default to the former ( for all practical purposes) as opposed to the latter.

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