Sunday, August 9, 2015

Patton and Trump

There are those who may still remember the movie Patton, in which it showed how Patton had to apologize for the slapping incident.  He had to do it in public and in front of all the men who were present at the time, and all the men in the area at that time.

Patton may well have been the best combat general in the military during the Second World War.  Yet, even he had to humble himself to an enlisted man.  I think this was the correct thing to do.  Why?

After studying the incident a bit, I figure that Patton was in the wrong.  Actually, it was two men who were slapped, and both of them didn't do anything really wrong.  One of the men was sent to the hospital, but not by his request.  The other was definitely physically ill.  Patton just lost his composure when he jumped to the conclusion that the men were shirking their duty due to cowardice.  Slapping them and threatening to shoot them was definitely out of line.  An apology was definitely required, or he couldn't continue his command.

So, what about Trump?  Obviously Trump has something going for him.  Like Patton, he is good at what he does.  He is a successful businessman, and he may well be what the doctor ordered in terms of courage to face down an enemy.  But to steamroller someone who is asking some legitimate questions is in no way acceptable if we are going to continue as a free society.  There are no unfair questions to a politician, as far as I'm concerned.  Trump has stepped out on that stage and must play by those rules.

Although there are no unfair questions to a politician, the way in which the questions are asked these days are indeed unfair.  Democrats tend to get softball questions.  Republicans get the tougher treatment.  A complaint along those lines would be more acceptable.  Going after Megyn Kelly for asking tough questions alone is bad enough.  But to be insulting to her for being guilty of being a woman was is just way, way too much.  Trump must apologize or he must get out of the race.  He must do it the way Patton did it--- in front of the entire nation and in front of Megyn Kelly herself.

There is no other way to redeem himself.  Our system requires that politicians be responsive to and subservient to the people.  A man who considers that he is above it all is unworthy of being at the head of a free people.

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