Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Home again, 8/12/15

Some interesting calculations for your AGW fans out there.  Bwah, hah, hah!

5280x5280 equals 5,575,680,000,000,000

5.6 e 15 square ft of earth surface, roughly 200 million square miles times the above number

5.6 e17 watts solar energy per earth's surface area, assuming 100 watts per sq ft

divided by 2, since half the earth is in the dark,

2.8 e 17 watts or joules strike the earth continually
in BTU, this is about 2.8 e 14 BTU

the weight of the oceans is 3.04E+21 pounds

the point? NOT MUCH SOLAR NRG!
3e21/2.8e14 BTU = 1 e7 lbs h20 per BTU solar nrg  ( 10 million pounds ) yikes!!!
3e21/2.8e17 joules= 1 joule per 10000 lbs h20

It would take a mightly long time to heat all that up just 1 degree farenheit, kemosabe

since 1 BTU is equal to 1055 joules, and heats up 1
pound of water 1 degree farenheit,


it would take about 3 e24 watts to heat up the entire
mass of the oceans 1 degree per second, and

since 2.8 e17 watts hit the surface continually, and
since 3e24/2.8e17 = 1 e7, then
it would take about 1e7 seconds or about 115 days to
heat up all the mass of the oceans 1 degree farenheit.

But the 1lb mass of water heated to boiling lost heat at the rate of 140 BTU per hour.

In other words, it loses it faster than it can gain from the sun.  ( by a large amount ) So, how can there be any Greenhouse Effect, grasshopper?

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