Sunday, October 7, 2012

SLS Rocket

Let's get real.  In my last post, I suggested a use for the funny big ass rocket (FUBAR).  You could reuse the external tank, which functions in pretty much the same configuration as the Shuttle used.  The external tank of the shuttle reached 98 percent of orbital velocity.  So, just keeping firing the main engines until the whole thing gets into orbit.  Then set up a "wet workshop" using the tanks components to make new useful things that stay in space.  The external tank weighs 50,000 pounds.  That's a lot of material to send up and let come right back down.

But to do something sensible like recycling the et is not going to happen.  Why?  Because it would make too much sense.

If the entire purpose of the space program was to spend money and accomplish nothing, then the thing to do is to go forward with this program as it is.  Or even to budget more money for it to waste.

But instead, if a way is found to spend even more money and to make everything even more stupid and self defeating, then that way will be chosen.  The less stupid thing and the sensible thing will go into the dumpster- sensible will go first.

We are near the end of the election cycle.  After all the debate and electioneering, we may decide nothing with this election.  The only thing that might change is the personality in the White House.  Other than that, it just might be business as usual.  Which means, more of the same.

I am hoping otherwise.  Because if nothing changes, we will be in a world of FUBAR.

What I would hope for is some original thinking, or maybe not even some original thinking.  Just use the knowledge we already have developed over all these years.  Unfortunately, even that may be asking too much.

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