Saturday, June 23, 2018

Odds and ends

It is now the end of the week.  Sunday begins the new week.  Or so it appears on the lists of posts on this here blog. 

This past week, I got a follow up MRI in Irving.  These things are a bit expensive, but I wanted the people who treated me to do them as opposed to doing it closer to home. 

I asked the doc how long will I have to follow this schedule.  He said for another two years.  Gulp.  That's eight more MRI's coming up.  They won't end after that.  It will only be two a year after that.

Yes, I will be doing MRI's for now on.  Not that these are a big deal, but it does cost me money to go up there and come back.

I've got that to think about.  At least things appear to be getting better.  So much for that topic...

Today, I did not work.  Normally I will work on a Saturday.  It seems my condition is aggravated if I travel a lot, so I decided to dial it down a bit.

Instead of working, I put this swamp cooler to work.  One thing that it isn't is an air conditioner.  It seems like I could use a bit more in terms of improvements in order to make this idea work as anticipated.

It uses a lot of water.  It uses less electricity than the a/c, but more than I would like, since I am using so many fans to help with ventilation.

One idea to help the swamp cooler is to scrounge some wood from last year's project, and use it to make an overhang for the west side.  The swamp cooler faces the sun, and no doubt that this makes its job a bit harder.  Still thinking it through...

It isn't all politics around here...  Trying to do some real stuff, but that take dough.  Since I spent so much and made nothing, that could be a problem...

That is all for now...  Onward through the fog or whatever...

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