Friday, June 22, 2018

"Clockwork Orange" --- The Cure



We are like the young Alex character in the video below.  We are a captive audience of the message that they are trying to imprint upon our minds.  We are to be controlled according to their will.

But is their control over our minds as iron clad as it is being presented in the video below?

I suspect the reason the mind control works in this society is that people are too lazy to think and act for themselves.

We cannot be bound down the way young Alex here.  We are free to choose.  We have not reached the extreme conditioning that this movie shows.  Don't be surprised if the pressure to conform gets greater and greater over time.  Their urge to control is all encompassing.

Originally posted yesterday, 6.21.18, the original post follows:

This movie's premise is that man doesn't have a free will.  You can be programmed to be whatever the controllers want you to be.  It can even be against your own will.

Now, I wouldn't go that far, but it is a point of view.

As I wrote before, it is not beyond these people to try to control others even to the extreme that this movie presents.  If it is not so, then why do they do it?

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