Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Are these questions relevant?

Watching CSPAN here in Irving, which is about the IG report.

What strikes me is how much they are talking about "bias".

It seems to me that bias is natural.  Everybody has a point of view, and that point view is going to "bias" them in some way.

What is important here is not the "bias", but whether or not they are in accordance with the law.  The law is supposed to be impartial, but this cannot possibly be impartial.  Each side here has a stake in the outcome of this investigation.

So, the question of bias is irrelevant, it seems to me.

With respect to the email investigation, the question is whether or not Hillary broke the law.  I find that to be a matter of certainty.  She certainly did.  Of course, "bias" could determine whether or not she would be charged with a crime.  If that is what this questioning is trying to determine, then it is indeed relevant.  But it is irrelevant to the facts of the matter.

It strikes me as rather odd that the Democrats are trying to get people to believe these investigators were impartial to Hillary and Trump.  There is way, way too much evidence already out there to show that they indeed favored Hillary over Trump.  How is there a doubt about that?

Here is the difference:  Hillary's emails are a matter of record.  But after all this time, they cannot find a single law that was violated by Trump.  This, despite the fact that no investigation is warranted until an actual law is violated first.  For example, you don't do a murder investigation when the person is supposedly murdered is very much alive.  They are looking for a possible violation in terms of Trump, but nobody doubts that classified information was found on Hillary's unauthorized email account.

If bias is the issue, then how can it be doubted then that these guys were biased?  The real question is whether or not a law was violated and whether or not a person is going to be held accountable to that.

In short, was a law violated, then what law?  And who did it?

I can't find any law Trump violated, but Hillary certainly violated it.  Now, why do the Democrats think that they can charge Trump for not violating the law, and excuse Hillary for violating it?

Bias is irrelevant.  The question is whether or not there is a rule of law.

You cannot be guilty or innocent just because of your political associations.

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