Saturday, June 23, 2018

Did George Will call President George Herbert Walker Bush "feckless"?

Anybody out there remember that far back?  I'm not sure myself, but I know somebody called Bush that, as I wasn't familiar with the word.  I looked up its meaning back then.

It seems to be word that isn't used much.  So a person might not know what it means.  Even somebody well educated.  Okay, maybe not everyone would think I am well educated, but I am not that dumb.  The word "feckless" just isn't used much, but seems to me it was used even less before it was brought into use about that time.

 If George Will really did call Papa Bush that, then what does that make him?  They seem to like Democrats so much, but they don't want to be called Democrats.  They want to be called "conservative".  But it might take a bit of effort to be a conservative.  It might take more than wearing bow ties.

He calls other GOP'ers who support Trump as his "poodles".  Well, what about George Will himself?  He seems to like to hang around liberals, so maybe he's a liberal's poodle.  They write his paycheck, do they not?

Guys like Will are a lot like McCain, who seems to be very interested in getting approval from the left.  They tend to forget who put them where they are.  It wasn't anybody on the left, that's for sure.

A good definition for feckless,by the way, is "weak".  I'd say George Will is a bit feckless at this point.  How about standing tall against liberalism, Georgie Boy?  Are they that big a threat to you?  He thinks being brave is fighting against your own.  How about protecting your own, if that is who you identify with?

But that might take some guts.

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