Sunday, June 24, 2018

Soft Civil War? No. Soft coup? Yes.

This has been ongoing for decades.  It has reached the point in which a successful coup may be within reach.

The difference between a coup and a civil war is the difference between battle and a massacre.  In order for there to be a war ( and a massacre ), there needs to be significant resistance.  That hasn't been happening.  Instead, this is a battle between factions for control of the government.

For there to be a war, there has to be a resistance.  For an example, look at the Texas Revolution.  Prior to the actual war, there were many protest conventions.  Therefore, you had significant resistance.  It meant that people were willing to organize in force to the threat posed by the government.  There is nothing comparable today.  Instead, people are organizing by faction for control over the government.  People believe that elections will solve this issue.  But one of these factions, the GOP, has no real interest in providing significant resistance over the slow creeping soft coup.  The Democrats, for their part, do not recognize the existing order, and wish to overthrow it.  Thus, the coup.

The Mueller "investigation" is part of the soft coup.  If these people can convince enough people to accept the overthrow of a legally elected president, then the coup will be successful.  Failing that, there will be an impeachment.  If that fails, then there will be massive civil disobedience.  You are already seeing that in California, which refuses to cooperate with the federal government.  The so called "resistance" is just the beginning of the massive civil disobedience in store for us if they don't get their way.  If the Democrats lose, this could turn into something pretty ugly.

Patriots should be preparing for war.  Instead, they will passively watch as the Democrats and their GOP enablers allow a soft coup to take place.  Without an organized resistance, these people will be emboldened to do whatever they want.  If they cannot get it the easy way, they may try the hard way.  Weakness only invites the attempt.  Until patriots get organized, there will be no war.

But there will be a coup.  It is already happening.


Just to be absolutely blazingly clear --- any talk of a war without the concomitant preparation for one is by definition nonserious.   The more you talk about it and the less you prepare, the less serious you appear to be.  Anyone who thinks he can "take you", will be emboldend by your weakness.

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