Friday, June 15, 2018

Obligatory, 6.15.18

Made it to another Friday.  Ah, now I get to work.  Yay for work.

In the meantime, the swamp cooler arrives today, according to FedEx.  I may have to do some fancy footwork in order to connect the hoses to the cooler.  The way I have set up the cooling system ( sans the swamp cooler ) was to have the hoses reversed.  It looks crazy, but there was a reason for it.  I don't recall the reason now.  At any rate, to pull the hose out and put it in the other way would entail a lot of tearing up of stuff that I would just as soon let alone.

I will think of something.

Moving on to the bigger scene.  The Never Trumpers never seem to fail to find fault with Trump.  They should keep Congress in a walk, but these guys seem determined to lose.  An immigration bill?  Puhleeze.  When the Democrats had the Congress and the Presidency, there was no amnesty.  Why now?  This proposed bill would cause a lot of people on the GOP side to stay home and not vote for these rascals.  It is almost like a planned estrangement.

The Democrats should be caught up in a humongous scandal, yet the GOP cannot capitalize.  Heck, they will not capitalize.  They simply aren't interested in governing.  Nobody is forcing them to do these self destructive things, so they must want to do these things.  But they would never do it as a minority party.  There should be a RED wave in November, but there still could be a BLUE wave instead.  The only reason that this could be so is that the GOP doesn't want to win.

A thought that keeps popping up in my mind is that our society seems to avoid accountability like it was a plague.  Why have elections if only one result is allowable?  Those who scream "democracy" and "rule of law" seem to be the ones who have the least regard for it.  There were a lot of disparaging text messages that were against Trump and his supporters.  This is from an organization that is prohibited from engaging in politics.  If you cannot have a peaceable transfer of power from one party to the other, then what is going to happen next?  Assassinations?  Coups?  A banana republic seems to be on the threshold.  A banana republic does not allow its leaders to be accountable for anything.

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