Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The attempt to save Mueller by Congressional Act is unconstitutional

This refers to the proposed law that aims to prevent Trump from firing the Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

If the law passes, it should be overruled as unconstitutional because of the precedent set by the Supreme Court opinion Myers v. United States.  This opinion declared that the Tenure of Office Act, which was used to impeach President Andrew Johnson, was invalid.

The proposed law's passage invites scrutiny that will likely cause it to be voided as well.

Does Lindsey Graham ever bother to read history?

Now, to further comment:  If the law passes the Senate, it may be interesting to see if it can pass with enough votes to override a veto.  Same for the House.  It is hard to imagine that Trump would sign it into law.

Why would they introduce a law that has little chance of success, either on a vote, or a challenge before the courts?  Are they testing their political strength?  My guess is that they will be embarrassed by the outcome.

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