Friday, April 13, 2018

Obligatory, 4.13.18

Friday the thirteenth.  Do you have tris a dick a phobia?  Sorry, but I don't know how to spell it, and I won't look it up.  Sue me for a refund of your subscription price.

It's weird today.  I thought I might have something to write about, but it vanished into the nether.

Maybe it is my unlucky day????

Changing the subject a bit...  GOP voters may be turning against Bob Mueller.  Well, duh!  I should hope so.  But who knows.  The school system is so bad in this country, we may need twenty years of remedial reading so that people can learn basic civics that our school system doesn't seem to teach anymore.  If you ask anybody today if civics is taught, you might get the question:  "what's that"?

One last thing... The number one thing that our system of "education" teaches nowadays is how to be a mucking foron.

Now what I mean, Vern?

Who's Vern?  Bwah, hah, hah!

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